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Tips on Installing and Updating Mongoose Software

Our new release is ready for download, and I want to share some thoughts on making the install or smoother. The following applies to Mongoose, Mongoose Editor, and Mongoose MusicSource.

First, Uninstall. Uninstall the current software. Do this by typing "Add or Remove Programs" in the search window of the task bar, which is usually bottom left of your screen. The "Apps & Features" window will appear. Type mongoose in the search window. You should see the Mongoose programs that are installed. If any are listed, click on each one and press the uninstall button. Confirm you want to uninstall, and the program will be uninstalled.

Second, reboot. Often, windows has performed a windows update that requires a reboot, and we ignore the reboot suggestion. Our install programs will notice this and let you know you need to reboot if a reboot is required. Easiest to just reboot now. Click the windows icon in the taskbar, usually at the bottom left of the screen. Press the power icon along the left side, and select restart.

Third, Install. Run each of the downloaded install programs, and accept the User License. Work through the install screens. Your new versions of the Mongoose software are now installed.

Last, update Windows. Check for updates by typing "Check For Updates" in the search window on the task bar. Choose the Check For Updates option labelled "System Settings". The Windows Update window will appear. Press the Check For Updates button. Reboot if you are prompted to reboot.

That's it. Your new versions of the Mongoose software are installed.

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