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Using our Simulator to Test-Drive Mongoose

So, you downloaded our software, installed it on your PC, and are wondering how you can evaluate anything without a radio and some field units?

Good News!

The Mongoose software is fully functional with our online Field Unit Simulator. You access the simulator by checking the "Connect to Simulator Via Internet" on the settings tab, and then exiting Mongoose. When you restart Mongoose, you should see a blue "cloud" up in the radio section. it will attempt to connect to our simulator running on Azure, and you should see 4 field units pop up after a few seconds.

These 4 simulated Field Units are disarmed, and the cues are untested. Don made sure to charge the batteries up, position the antennas for max signal strength, and put some e-matches on them too. On the menu bar, you can click on "Test" and then "Test Continuity for all units". After a bit of delay you see what cues have matches. Double click on a loaded cue (lit up) to test that Cues actual resistance. Hover over a cue with your mouse and see what the system knows about the cue.

Right click on the Field Units Id (big number in the top left of each Field Unit) and a context menu comes up that lets you set the id, Test the resistance of all the cues, change the zone, and many other things.

From there you can try nail board mode, by choosing the "Nail Board Mode" tab in the lower left of the application. Arm all Field Units by choosing "Arm/Disarm" in the top menu and then "Arm All Field Units". They should all turn green. Green means good to go. Red means there is a problem. Blue is no problem. Click on a lit up cue to fire it. Or just click on "Fire Next" to fire the next unfired cue on the Unit. Play around a bit. click on stuff. Try things out.

If that seems a bit simple for your evaluation needs, no problem. There are also sample shows delivered with Mongoose. Click on the Show Mode tab at the lower left to exit out of Nail Board Mode. On the top menu, click on "File" then "Open Show". By default it will open to the sample show directory, or you can find the sample show scripts by navigating over to C:\Program Files (x86)\SimpliFire LLC\Mongoose\DemoShows if you need to find them again... These contain sample pyromusicals, "event" shows using the multicue buttons. and manual fire shows. The simulator will put up a configuration of Field Units when you load the show. It may take several seconds to get them all loaded up. Then you can test your cues, lock out any troublesome effects, arm and run some different shows till you get a feel for how things work. Check out the quick start guide and the help (F1) to get into the details.

Give us a call, we love to talk about things like firing voltage and current, resistance vs continuity, maximum number of simultaneous cues, and antenna field patterns (well Don does anyway, I just try to keep up). We also want to hear about what you need to make your shows easier, safer and more spectacular.

Similarly, if you have any issues using the simulator to try us out, feel free to contact us nd let us know at

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