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The creators of the Mongoose Wireless Firing System have been professional pyros for over 25 years. As professional engineers by trade, they believe in working hard, but also working smart. The predecessor to the current wireless Mongoose system was first deployed back in 2007, and over the years, has been refined and optimized to not only address limitations found in popular commercial wireless firing systems, but to include features that we believe make the firing process simple, reliable, and more enjoyable to use. Mongoose is different.

  • State of the art wireless technology which delivers reliability and flexibility beyond today’s wired and wireless systems

  • Precision continuity testing at each field unit and the base computer allows full verification during setup and prior to firing by giving you the actual resistance, not just whether there is some kind of continuity

    • Make sure connections are good

    • Detect accidental wiring mistakes (series circuits, parallel circuits, and short circuits)​

  • DMX Support lets you combine pyro with flame machines, spark machines, cryo, etc. 

  • Industry leading battery life and remote monitoring capability enables early setup and testing, more options for placement, and response to day-of-show changes

  • Lower cost per cue than similarly configured wired and wireless systems​

  • Multiple Timing Options including internal, music track, FSK, SMPTE, and GPS timing

  • Remote Audio Support for unlimited audio feeds around the venue

  • State of the art software has sophisticated show firing and systems management features

  • Compatibility and expandability with other systems

    • Supports import and use of Finale*, FireOne*, PyroMate*, and StarFire* script files

    • Compatible with common wiring slats to allow efficient reuse of equipment

    • Can be scaled to thousands of cues and supports large fronts and multiple locations without repeaters

  • Precision (1ms) coordinate timing of pre-programmed segments over any number of field units     (Multi-Cues)

  • Encrypted, secure wireless, with RF error detection and correction for “wired” reliability

  • Direct wireless connection of each field unit to the controlling computer

    • No wireless adapters, wires, or complicated “mesh networks”

    • Signal strength and display built into each unit for ease of placement

  • Full continuous field unit status at base computer provides up to the minute assurance that system is ready to fire

  • Reliable operation with:

    • Metal structures and obstructions

    • Densely packed mortars

    • Over water

    • Metal trailers

    • Through hundreds of yards of people, vehicles and obstructions

*Finale, FireOne, PyroMate, and StarFire are trademarks of their respective companies.

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