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Mongoose Field Unit
  • Reliability and security
    • 900Mhz avoids water attenuation common to other systems. Rain and Fog will not affect signal like 2.4GHz systems

    • Frequency hopping, spread spectrum, multiple independent channels, 128bit AES encryption

    • Over 1 mile line-of-sight typical operating range (can be extended with antennas and repeaters)

  • Continuity testing and status monitoring​

    • Actual circuit resistance displays at both field unit and base computer

    • Continuous remote battery and signal monitoring

    • Complete unit status visible from base computer

  • Excellent battery capacity​

    • 12+ hours of fully-armed operation on one charge, fast charging, low voltage shut down

    • Fires 10 matches per cue

    • Can fire multiple cues truly simultaneously

  • Extreme operating conditions​

    • Light weight, easy to handle watertight cases, daytime/nighttime LCD display

    • Has been used in both extreme heat (>105° F) and extreme cold (< -10° F)

  • Simple and flexible configuration​

    • Can be assigned and renamed easily

    • Direct communication with base computer avoids complexity

    • Easily upgradeable firmware via USB port

    • Multiple systems can operate independently in close proximity without fear of interference

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