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The Mongoose wireless firing system was designed to be easy-to-use and easy to set up, but also powerful and multi-functional. In order to operate the Mongoose system, all you need is the following:

  • Computer (customer provided)

  • Free downloaded software

  • Base radio  

  • 48-cue Field Units (as many as needed)

  • 24-cue Slats or J-Boxes (as many as needed)

Once you have all of the above components, the basic set-up is simple:

     In the field:

  1. Wire-in all pyrotechnic effects to the 24-cue slats, J-boxes, or compatible conduits

  2. Connect up to 2 slat boards to each field unit using either DB25 or Centronics 36 cables (field units can be ordered for either connection type)

  3. Power up the field unit and dial in the unit address (units remember their last address, so if powered down, all they need to do is be powered up before the show)

  4. Check continuity on each field unit at the time of set-up

     At showtime:

  1. Attach the base radio to a computer loaded with the Mongoose software

  2. Open the Mongoose program and then choose from the following choices:

    1. Operate the program in nail board mode

    2. Use a firing script (non-musical) written in the Mongoose editor and then upload it into the Mongoose program

    3. Use the Mongoose editor to convert more complex (pyromusical) firing script files into the Mongoose ".fyr" format, and open in the Mongoose program

  3. Verify field unit configuration​

  4. Check system continuity and verify cues against the loaded script (program will automatically and visually indicate missing and non-scripted cues)

  5. Arm the system

  6. Shoot the show

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