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Types of shows supported:
Nail Board Mode
  • Fire cues in any order at the click of the mouse, or simply use the "Fire Next" button to fire cues for each field unit in order.
  • Simple and/or small events like weddings
  • Can fire the same cue on multiple field units at once
Manually Stepped Show
  • Fire pre-scripted cues under operator control, with the operator  managing the timing of the show
Timed Show with Optional Pauses
  • Fire a pre-scripted sequence with programmed timing
  • Pauses may be inserted to accommodate effects with unknown duration (like some cakes) or live action activities (announcements, segments)
Pyro-musical with Soundtrack
  • Fully choreographed show with effect cues timed to music or a soundtrack
  • Laptop can source music to the sound board/PA, or be synced to an FSK timecode.
  • Operator has option to fire manual effects as needed even while the pyromusical is running.
  • Real-time lockouts increase show safety by allowing operator to address wind, rack integrity, audience/performer proximity issues while running.
Button Driven Sequences
  • Great for concerts and theatrical effects
  • Assign any grouping of fire points (simultaneous shots and/or 1ms precision sequences) to on-screen buttons for manual firing
  • Allows for alternative uses of the same firing cue for on-the fly operator control (e.g. sweep effects left-to-right or right-to-left)
  • Can be combined with all other types of shows.
All firing modes​ support the ability to:
  • Automatically compare the script to ematches seen in the field and visually identifies any discrepancies to the operator.
  • Arm/Disarm the entire system or individual units.
  • Pause immediately using the space bar or deadman key
  • Assign field units to safety "zones" or groupings that can be enabled/disabled with a single click
  • Lock-out cues on the fly (by effect type, by cue, and by zone), even while the show is active.

Complete status and control from computer

  • Full status monitoring of field units and cues during setup, test and firing

  • Ability to view an entire large show setup or see detailed status on components

  • Arm, disarm, start, stop, pause and resume

  • Clear visual and auditory signals for status changes and problems

    • Can be silenced/modified for indoor and performance use

Error checking and trouble shooting

  • Notification of logical unit/cue mapping issues when scripts are loaded

  • Continuity testing, communication verification, and circuit resistance functions

  • Easily accessible port/command logs for detailed view of execution

Compatibility with other scripting tools

  • Supports import and modification of Finale and FireOne scripts, full choreographed firing

  • Can implement multi-cues, tracks, simultaneous and precision timed shots

  • In-Show lockout option for specific effects

Scripted, timed, or nail board operation

  • Can also be used in basic timed, stepped, or nail board modes for simple or small applications

Secure, encrypted, direct communications

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