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Mongoose represents a next generation in wireless firing systems. It was specifically designed to run the full range of pyrotechnic needs, from theater and indoor concerts, to the largest pyromusical displays with the stock hardware. It employs secure, spread spectrum wireless technology, radio frequencies chosen for maximum range and reliability, and a single control application which can support the full range of pyrotechnic firing needs. It has direct radio connections to units up to a mile or more away (depending on terrain) in environments that would be challenging for other systems. It easily covers any practical display situation where operators must also be concerned with personnel and operator safety.


The system typically consists of an operator's consumer PC (Windows 10, 11) running the Mongoose Display Director application. It is connected through a USB cable to the Mongoose base radio. This in turn connects to any number of Field Units which are capable of firing multiple matches on each of it's 48 outputs.


The field units are self-contained in tough, weather resistant boxes which can operate in wet or dirty environments, and have even operated for several hours submerged underwater. The stock units come with long-lasting rechargeable batteries that can last up to 21 hours disarmed, and at least 17 hours fully armed even before other power saving features are applied.


Two connectors on the field unit connect either directly, or through cables, to two or more firing slats which may be placed away from the field unit to maximize the reach of ematches and work well in practical display environments. Multiple classes of slats are available, from economical to extremely rugged units.


It's high voltage 24V firing, coupled with integrated resistance measurement (and not just simple continuity), provides operators with confidence that all aspects of the show are good, in its final configuration, and that firing will occur reliably.


Precision timing of 1ms for complex multiple-shot effects means that the choreographer can construct intricate firing sequences for concerts, theaters, movies, and special events, as well as traditional fireworks displays.


The Display Director systems management software constantly monitors the field units, reporting any issues that it finds. It compares the loaded cues against the scripted show, pointing out problem connections long before show time.  It can remotely test cue resistance in addition to the local cue resistance checking that can be done at the field units themselves. It gives the operator full visibility into what is happening in the field, and has multiple safety mechanisms that let the operator skip large or hanging shells when weather conditions deteriorate, shut down zones of the setup, or remove individual shells. It supports a deadman function for controlling scripted shows, as well as a double-clutch safety system to safeguard manually fired cues in theatrical or concert situations. Its animated visual and audio feedback to the operator during a performance gives the operator immediate feedback as to the progression of the show, and exactly when effects are firing.


The full featured Display Director can operate as a simple nailboard for manual operation; a scripted show with timing under operator control; a fully scripted and timed show; and support multiple firing options for pyromusicals, from sourcing the sound to the sound board, to accepting audio FSK signals to control the timing of the show. A variety of ways to Lockout cues, MultiCues, Field Units and Zones allow the operator to remove effects from a show on the fly. Manual controls allow an operator to add in manually triggered effects while a script is running, to cover dead sky or just liven things up.


The system also comes with an easy to use editor which allows operators to easily set up simple shows, precision timed shots, and truly simultaneous firings. It can also import shows generated in several other full-featured scripting tools like Finale, among others.


To date the system has been used at concerts, theaters, fireworks displays, sports stadiums,  and even major motion pictures for special effects. This one system can meet all your pyro firing needs.

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