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Configuring Windows Update

Windows update is a necessary part of keeping your shooting computer working well. These updates are necessary and critical, and should be performed frequently. The problem is that we often do not turn on our shooting computer for long periods of time between shows. Once we do turn it on, many updates may be queued up and the computer will be slow and reboot often while it performs these queued updates. Let's reduce the show stress with these tips.

Turn on you computer weekly. Turn it on, and make sure the computer is connected to the internet. Leave it on overnight. This will allow the updates to download, and install. Do this on Wednesdays since that is when most updates become available. If you are in a rush you can perform Windows Update manually. When you are ready to shut down your computer, actually turn it off. If you just close a laptop it often goes into hibernate and does not reboot. Windows often needs to reboot after performing a windows update. Your battery is now charged, and you know your computer is updated and working, ready for your next show.

Configure your Windows Update Schedule. Set your "Active Hours" to 8 AM to 2 AM. This prevents the system from doing an update or a reboot during your show or show prep. Unless you do shows after 2 AM. Adjust as needed. To change your active hours, perform the following steps.

Type "Check for Updates" in the search window on the task bar. The "Windows Update" window will appear.

Select "Change Active Hours" and the "Change Active Hours" window will appear.

Click on Change, and the "Active Hours" dialog pops up. Select your active hours based on when you work on your shows. 8 Am to 2 Am should work for most pyros. This will make windows update occur between 2 Am and 8 Am. Save your settings.

Another tip, if you run an "AntiVirus" program, configure it not do a virus scan during your active hours.

The Mongoose Software occasionally does take advantage of numerous functional improvement offered in the operating system, and to accommodate newer devices like tablets. Therefore, you should make sure your computer is up to date with windows updates prior to installing the next revision of Mongoose. You can consider turning off wireless or turning off updates for long stretches to ensure the platform doesn't change, but updating it to the latest Windows patches before a release is the wisest course of action, bit from a functionality and security perspective.

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