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Nice Pin!

Yesterday we met with some giants in the US pyro world! Great people, and we had a really fun time showing them the Mongoose system. We also got to learn how they do things, and hear some pyro stories. We are very glad to welcome them to the Mongoose family.

Since we had a captive and motivated audience, we set up the Mongoose Field Unit Simulator (SimFUs) and had them run through several shows. Pin board, Manual, Computer Timed and Pyro Musical. Then we threw all kinds of curves at them, and by the end they were quickly finding and solving many of the problems seen in setting up shows. Some of the these are missing matches, matches on unscripted cues, low batteries on a field unit, units set to the wrong address, and missing units.

Then we did some "during the show" practice of panic stops, locking out cues, locking out zones, and disarming/rearming a Field Unit on the fly.

While our formal training program is still in development, we were excited to award both of our new users a shiny new pin.

And for those of you that we trained up in the past that would like a little bling, Don and I have something for you too!

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