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One More Thing...

Oh yeah, In my previous post I forgot part of the story. At the end of all that, The Most Interesting Man in The World told me "I see the Nail Board Field Units in Show Mode, but once I have fired all the cues I want them to go away magically like an empty beer bottle at the cantina. "

"You mean you want them all up there til you don't?" I ask.

"Yes, they are dead to me once I have fired all the cues." he says.

"I know someone who is going to dead by me" I muttered while covering the mouth piece of the phone. "Fine, I will get to it in all of my copious spare time between now and when?" I query after taking my hand of the mute button.

"I don't always want software changes, but when I do I want them tomorrow" he replies.

So I shovel some coal into the virtual boiler and build up a head of digital steam and get after it. The disappear-o function needs to trigger on the last cue fired, not on all cues fired, as you may want to see the Field Unit before you test for continuity. Fine distinction, but that's why they pay us Software Engineers almost half what they pay Don Sparky.

So, the next time you use this Nail Board mode and the thing disappears when the last cue on it is fired, remember this post and think of all the barroom trouble avoided by clearing all those empties off the table.

Or, if you forget that it's a "feature" and would rather call it a "bug", send us a bug report, we rinse and recycle them...


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