SimpliFire's Mongoose Firing System Field Units and Control Software
Try out our software to see how easy it is to use! You can download our Display Director and Editor software and try it out with our online field unit simulators. Demo Shows included. Check out Neil's blog telling you how HERE

6/1/22: Major New Feature Release  for Mongoose!

We have released a number of new major features (software and firmware) for the professional operator. These include:

  • Live adjustment of show and cue timing (including music) while show is running

  • Standby mode of over 2 WEEKS for multi-day concerts, theater, rainouts, and multi-day shows

  • Complete show continuity and script checking in 2 seconds (down from 10 seconds)

  • Beacon Mode in addition to standard mode for for semi-autonomous firing for certain show situations

  • Remote power-down and standby of field units

  • Increased DMX and Multicue capacity

  • Automated cold weather indications for battery management

  • Pre-loading of shows to field units by USB drive (for very complex DMX sequences)

  • Over 4000 show steps maintained *per field unit*

  • Smart shutdown of DMX flame effects on show pauses

  • Use of external DJ button matrix and mini wireless keyboards for show and effect  control (key mapping)

  • Tighter integration with Finale3D Pyro and DMX effects using Mongoose Interchange Format files

  • Import of FWsim scripts in addition to other pre-existing scripts

  • Bug fixes and consistency improvements.

Since this is a feature release, you can continue to use your existing firmware and software until you want to upgrade to these features. See the Release Notes under the "Support" section of the website for detailed descriptions. In our commitment to our users, all enhanced features are supported on all Mongoose hardware, regardless of AGE or model. New Display Director can be used with older firmware (or a mixed set of field units), and new firmware will work with older Display Director  versions.  We are committed to backwards compatibility and forward progress. We do recommend you become comfortable with the user interface changes in our simulated environment or in dry-runs to get a feel for the changes. Thank you for choosing Mongoose!

Mongoose  Display Director

Mongoose Editor

Field Unit Firmware 4.1.1

A professional pyrotechnic display system that delivers on the promise of reliable wireless control




  • Easy to set up and use

  • Long range signal immune to most RF congestion

  • Performs well in challenging weather & terrain

  • See System Status & Cue Resistance at both field unit and controller

  • Compatible with popular scripting tools

  • DMX Controller Field Units Available

  • Supports TimeCode, GPS Timing, and Remote Audio

  • 17+ hour armed battery life

  • Competitively priced even with wired systems. Less costly than other wireless systems.

DMX and  Pyro Control In the Same System

Scripts and Manual Cues at the Same Time

You can DO IT ALL for less!

Mongoose is proud to announce support within Finale3D for Mongoose addressing and exports, and seamless integration to the system. We also offer Finale3D Hobbyist and Pro as options for our system bundles to help you get more for your money. Contact us for more information.

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Mongoose™ system in action
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"Here at SimpliFire, we believe that shooting any sized show should be easy. Your wireless system should be reliable. It should be multi-functional. It should be transparent so each shooter can monitor every aspect of the system in real time. We believe in less work and simplicity."

From Our Customers and Shooters

"The Mongoose is BY FAR one of the best, most cost effective systems"

"The Mongoose wireless is outperforming wired systems, while Simplifire over delivers on support."

"Being a veteran of the traditional pin board systems, Fire One’s Fire Lite system and the Star Fire system, the Mongoose is one of the easiest and most advanced systems on the market today. With an easy to use software interface, one of the most intuitive systems too.  Highly recommend it for the professional pyro!"