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A professional pyrotechnic display system that delivers on the promise of reliable wireless control

  • Easy to set up and use

  • Long range signal

  • Performs well in challenging weather & terrain

  • Status & cue resistance at field unit and base

  • Compatible with popular scripting tools

  • 17+ hour armed battery life

  • Competitively priced with wired systems

Learn more about Mongoose™

What sets Mongoose™ apart from other wireless systems
Mongoose™ system in action
Instructions and tips on how to use the system
Answers to commonly asked questions

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"Here at SimpliFire, we believe that shooting any sized show should be easy. Your wireless system should be reliable. It should be multi-functional. It should be transparent so each shooter can monitor every aspect of the system in real time. We believe in less work and simplicity."

From Our Customers and Shooters

"The Mongoose is BY FAR one of the best, most cost effective systems"

"The Mongoose wireless is outperforming wired systems, while Simplifire over delivers on support."

"Being a veteran of the traditional pin board systems, Fire One’s Fire Lite system and the Star Fire system, the Mongoose is one of the easiest and most advanced systems on the market today. With an easy to use software interface, one of the most intuitive systems too.  Highly recommend it for the professional pyro!"

Introduction to the Mongoose™ Display Director