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Mongose Bulk Charger
  • Mongose Bulk Charger

    The Mongoose Bulk Charger helps you moving from show to show in the busy season, where it's not alway possible to return to the shop. It can charge up to 24 Field Units at once on location. It can be powered from the wall, or directly from your vehicle 12 Battery. Use it in your hotel room or on site. Mongoose field units with 17+ hour battery life can shoot multiple shows without recharging, but when you need that extra security in the busy season, the Bulk charger travels with you, providing convenient recharding options.

    • 24 charging ports
    • 24 charging cables (to connect from the bulk chargers to the units)
    • Short circuit indicator and individual circuit protection
    • Builtin fan-cooled power supply
    • 10 foot wall cord
    • 12V Battery clips and cord for connecting the unit to your vehicle's battery
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