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Mongoose KhronBox

Mongoose KhronBox

The Mongoose KhronBox provides flexible external timing control for Mongoose Pyromusical shows where external timing (from FSK, SMPTE, and GPS) is required. This USB device simply plugs into the control PC and allows the Mongoose Display Director to synchronize to external timing tracks from the soundboard, or to use Precision (1/10,000,000th) GPS timing to start any number of shows and/or sound sources in precise synchronization.


XLR and 3.5mm audio inputs accept FSK and SMPTE. Automatic Gain Control greatly simplifies setting the input levels, and GPS timing can be used where the audio feeds and pyro can be miles apart (e.g. sourcing the sound at the radio station). Robust time processing is included, allowing the correct show time to be kept even when there is significant noise on the line. A free-run mode allows you to sync up the timing only at the beginning of an FSK track over a walkie-talkie and will keep precise show time even when the signal is lost.


Although not required for pyromusicals (Mongoose Display Director can directly source the soundtrack to the soundboard from your computer), it provides more flexibility in controlling shows, and allows Mongoose to be integrated into much more complex multi-media shows and concert timelines.


  • Switch selectable XLR (balanced) and 3.5mm (unbalanced) inputs
  • Selectable for left or right channels on 3.5mm stereo plug
  • Automatic Gain Control auto-corrects for varying input levels
  • Built-In speaker lets you hear the input track until time lock occurs
  • FireOne-style FSK and SMPTE currently supported. More coming
  • Switch selectable option to stall on loss of timecode, or to continue
  • Flipping the Stall/Continue after inadvertent loss of time code keeps the show on the correct time
  • GPS modules allows precise setting of a show (and music) start time at multiple locations to the second. Can be used to precisely compensate for radio station broadcasting delays.
  • Supported by default in Mongoose Display Director software and Mongoose Music Source software (both available at no additional charge)
  • Multiple KhronBoxes with GPS can be used to initiate the soundtrack at multiple locations in perfect sync, along with the pyro. Useful when there are many viewing areas served by a local PA system.
  • Can be used without Mongoose Display director for simply starting music at multiple locations.
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