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Mongoose DMX Field Unit
  • Mongoose DMX Field Unit

    The Mongoose DMX Field Unit represents the most advanced professional wireless firing device on the market. In addition to being a full Mongoose Field Unit, it also serves as a DMX-512 universe controller to control lights, flame effects, and other special effects. It's robust wireless frequencies and protocols are immune to WiFi congestion, it's long battery life allows you activate the system hours in advance to allow placement on barges, in concert rigging, and other inaccessible locations, and its onboard cue resistance checking allows you to check the integrity of your connections immediately after loading, without bringing the main system up or having to unplug connectors. Weatherproof case is standard, and not an expensive add-on. It's designed for out-of-the-box use on the largest professional shows.


    • DMX 3-Pin Controller Output

    • Capable of Driving 32 DMX devices from one cable

    • 48 Cues per Field Unit (24 volt)

    • Fully wireless modules provide great flexibility for product placement

    • 2000+ foot range with antenna provided, up to 3 miles with external antenna

    • User settable channels and encryption for safety and security

    • Built in resistance measurement of ematches (not just continuity)

    • Up to 15 matches in series per cue

    • Truly simultaneous firing of multiple cues at once

    • 1/1000th of a second resolution for precision-timed sequences

    • Includes high capacity internal rechargeable battery (17+ hours armed battery life)

    • Includes detachable antenna

    • Field units are durable, sealed,  and weather resistant

    • Lightweight - only 3 lbs, and floats

    • Can also be special-ordered with  36 pin Centronics connectors, in Orange or Black Cases

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