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Show Control Handgrip

Show Control Handgrip

This USB Handgrip provides full show control (plus deadman) in the palm of your hand. Arm/Disarm, Start and Pause Shows (including pyromusicals), Advance Manually Timed Shows, Fire Multicue Sequences, and Activate Safety Lockouts. The deadman trigger can be used when running shows, and can be used as "Fire Next" to move your manual script forward. 10 foot USB cable plugs into the control PC, and let's you perform most show functions remotely. Haptic feedback "shaker" will confirm when cues are fired, and if you accidentally release the deaman. Water resistant construction can be used in poor weather.

  • Ability to Arm and Disarm the Show
  • Fire Next Cue with Continuity for up to 5 field units in Nailboard mode
  • Access to 5 multicue button sequences which can be fired anytime
  • Access to 5 Zone lockouts which can be triggered from the handgrip
  • Start/Pause  Timed Scripts (including Pyromusicals)
  • Enable/Disable firing for KhronBox GPS or Timecode Timing
  • Manual advance of untimed scripted shows
  • Skip to next cue immediately
  • Full Color LED for each button shows readiness
  • LEDs for show status (green if all is a "go")
  • LED Flashlight functionality to see cue-sheets, etc.
  • Turn bright Field Unit Indicators On and Off
  • Sound triggering option for SFX initiation (call for info)
  • 10 foot cable standard, other lengths available
  • Haptic feedback provides firing and deadman feedback to the operator through vibration
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